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Thummodara, A hidden village Colombo District.

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It is possible to get Thummodara on the A4 highway from Colombo, and then you have to take another bus from Kaluaggala Junction to Tommodara on B188 trunk road. The drive from Colombo is approximately 2.5 hours by bus; or 1.5 hours by private vehicle. Buses travel along this highway, as well, and there is a bus station in the Kaluaggala Junction. Please be noticed there are some several route you can reach to the destination by your private vehicle. Please contact if you need any details.


Tummodara is an ancient village near Labugama, Kalatuwara rain forest, there are lot of forest reservation boundaries around the village. There are several waterfalls around the Thummodara and also there is lot of mountain around it. Panchakula is a very remote village in the Colombo district is located near Thummodara and you can reach it after 1 hour drive by vehicle in a very poor road. There are very popular tanks near Thummodara call 'Labugama & Kalatuwawa' which supplies water to Colombo. But you have to take the permission before you enter in to the Tank bunt.

    Waterfalls around the village
  • Ranmudu Ella
  • Ella Uda Ella
  • Kumari Ella
  • Do

    Apart from seeing the waterfalls and the village, it is possible to explore the area, and to spend time in the stream. They are lot of stream around the Village and you can find them easily along the Thummodara to Avissawella B426 road within first 2 Km from Thummodara. There are many shops in the New Town, as well as a market, and the interested visitor may wish to patronize some of these

    Eat & Drink

    There are only few shops in Thumodara, but you can't find main meals from them. It is advice to take your food from Kaluaggala or Waga Junction before the Thummodara. The water is in the village is very pure and you can take them from the stream which is not polluted


    Rain forests are very valuable; do not enter into the forest illegally. Do not put your waste around you, take them back. Respect to the culture in the village, do not drink alcohol in public, it is punish by law.

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